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Our Mission

       We are a locally owned and operated LLC on a mission to improve Missoula's waste management. It is estimated that yard and food waste alone make up 28% of our Missoula landfill. This means that nearly a third of waste dumped into our local landfill is organic, compostable material. It's time our progressive community makes a change when it comes to more sustainable and environmentally-friendly waste disposal. We have a few ideas on how to make this happen...

Community education by Sean with the   Zero by Fifty   plan.

Community education by Sean with the Zero by Fifty plan.

  • Provide a local compost collection service. We want to provide a compost pick-up service to our community which is affordable, reliable, and accessible to everyone. We plan to do so by supplying composting bins to residential and commercial customers, as well as   providing the transportation services from your home or business to a composting facility.  Your organic waste will be processed at Missoula City-owned Garden City Compost to help enrich the soil which is re-purposed in our community. 
  • Tailor composting services to fit your needs. Currently we have two bin sizes, a 10-gallon bin designed for residential pick-up or a 64-gallon bin designed for local commercial businesses. We offer compost pick-up services on a monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly basis. We want to tailer our services to meet your composting demands, whether you are on a farm or in an apartment complex, we can work with you to find the right compost bin size and frequency of pick-up.
  • Offer eduction on composting to our community. We plan to offer education on compostable materials to customers and employees. Our compost bins include a visual description of what can and cannot be accepted for composting services. We are available to speak with or meet in person with local businesses interested in our services, and can provide employee training.
  • Decrease costs of your current waste disposal. We would like to save the people and businesses of Missoula money on their waste bill. According to national statistics from the EPA, 40% of the waste created by residents and commercial food services is organic, compostable waste.  We hope to decrease your current costs in waste disposal by reducing pick-up frequencies by traditional waste collection agencies, which haul your waste to the ever-growing landfill.
Missoula Carbon Emissions by Sector   Image courtesy of  Climate Smart Missoula .

Missoula Carbon Emissions by Sector

Image courtesy of Climate Smart Missoula.

  • Carbon Emission Reduction.  The ultimate goal of our initiative is to reduce carbon emissions within the Missoula community. Approximately 9% of the total carbon emissions in our city come from solid waste. In our landfill, organics break down into methane (a strong green house gas) which is released into the atmosphere. Methane gas is a key contributor to climate change. When organic waste is composted, oxygen is introduced into the decomposition cycle which allows the production of carbon dioxide instead of methane. Compared to methane, carbon dioxide has a much lower impact on global warming.


  • Help create a nutrient dense compost available to our community.  Lastly, we want to recover wasted nutrients in discarded organics currently going to the landfill. By composting, we retain those nutrients in an enriched and energy-dense product available to all Missoulians, free of petroleum-based compounds and pesticides (found in many fertilizers). This composted product can be added to soil to loosen clay, allowing water penetration, and improving water retention in more sandy soils. Gardens that use compost produce much higher yields of healthy fruits, vegetables and flowers. The scraps you give to us will ultimately be used to enrich the ground in our Missoula community. Missoula Compost Collection services offers compost delivery at your request, click here to get your compost!


  • Maintain open spaces in Missoula. We also want to help maintain open spaces in the surrounding foothills of Missoula. Did you know that the Missoula landfill is due to run out of room in the next 15 years? Missoulians currently dispose of an estimated 210,000 tons of waste per year. Once our current landfill reaches capacity, more land will need to be allocated to accommodate our waste demands. In addition, Missoula currently diverts 22% of waste from it's landfill, which is lower than the national average of 35%. We think it's time our progressive community makes a change towards becoming a little more greener and cleaner.
Keep the landfill out of the surrounding foothills of Missoula.

Keep the landfill out of the surrounding foothills of Missoula.