Missoula Compost Collection LLC.
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Missoula Compost Collection LLC.
Whether you're a commercial business, restaurant, residential customer, or hosting an event, we want to help haul your organic waste to the right place.

Residential Services

We offer compost pickup and delivery service for all types of customers in Missoula, both commercial and residential.  If you have compostable organics to get rid of, we want to help you divert your waste to a compost facility!


Green Bin Size: 10-gallon bin

The 10-gallon green bin is intended for residential customers who want to dispose of their food scraps properly. This green bin features a snap-on lid to reduce odors and keep critters out. The compact size of this green bin allows for easy indoor storage, and is easy to carry even when full.  This green bin is made of 100% recyclable material #2 plastic material. All green bins come with a card describing the materials which are accepted by our local compost facility.

Our price for curb-side weekly pick-up of one 10-gallon green bin is $15.00 per month. There is a one time $8.00 initial bin fee when you start your compost service.


Curb-side Compost Delivery

We offer garden-ready compost delivery to your residence from our local Garden City Compost of Missoulaupon request. Prices vary on amount of compost and distance to the drop-off. Please contact us to arrange for a compost delivery.